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Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 10:40 pm
by pupsgalore
I am a former smoker, and was raised by smoking parents.

I totally agree with all of you (how's THAT for being decisive?). Aph - I cannot agree with you more about what people allow in privately-owned buildings. If I own a bar and allow smoking, isn't that a business decision? I will no doubt lose my anti-smoking customers. Nell, et. al., no one has ever argued the health benefits of smoking. No one who smokes should do it around those who wish to be free from it. Hence it should not be allowed in PUBLICLY OWNED buildings.

As for taxes, I see nothing wrong with taxing tobacco to recoup the health care costs, but at the same time, I agree that other peddlers of unhealthy "merchandise" should also pay a higher tax for the same purpose. Watch "Supersize Me" if you haven't already. And while I like to drink my beer, I will not get behind the wheel after doing so.

You all make very good points, and none of you are totally wrong - or totally right.

Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:23 am
by NurseNell
Originally posted by pupsgalore:
Watch "Supersize Me" if you haven't already.
I will watch it, I've seen the ads. My sister is an ER nurse in NY. She had an 800 lb man come in the other day. He died. The family wanted to know why!! Hello, hearts were not made to pump blood to that much body mass. He was only 30, very sad.

Obesity is passing smoking related health issues in terms of number of people, severity of illnesses, and economic costs. And sadly when you see obese adults you see overweight children.

Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 6:32 am
by NurseNell
Originally posted by pupsgalore:
I am a former smoker, and was raised by smoking parents.

Congratulations for quitting. So did you save the money you'd have spent on tobacco and do something special?

And while I like to drink my beer, I will not get behind the wheel after doing so.

That is good to hear also. I don't drink, just by choice, but alcohol does have good benefits on health. It's the misuse that is bad.

Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 7:51 am
by aphephilia
Originally posted by logic1:
Support smoking ban

The Wisconsin Restaurant Association board of directors has voted 36-1 to support a statewide workplace smoking ban that does not exempt bars or bar areas in restaurants. The association has always defended a business owner's right to make his/her own decisions, it was noted. However, the current patchwork of local smoking bans puts hundreds of restaurants at an unfair disadvantage where they may lose customers to restaurants just outside the smoking ban area or to taverns that may be exempt. "Given the proliferation of local ordinances in the state of Wisconsin, WRA's board of directors has voted to support a workplace smoking ban," notes Ed Lump, president and CEO. "We feel that this is the only way to create a fair competitive environment for all eating and drinking establishments in Wisconsin. The problem with exempting bars from a smoking ban is that this puts restaurants at a distinct disadvantage compared to bars that may serve a lot of food and can still allow smoking, WRA noted. Share your thoughts about this issue on our Message Board.

Tomahawk Leader 2-13-2007 issue

Well, it is wonderful to see that this issue is finally being faced by people that are thinking of EVERYONE & not just themselves :)
Again, no logic here. I think you need to RE-read that quote from the Leader article you just posted. It's not about everyone, it's not even about health, it's about what I've been saying it's about this whole time. It's about MONEY. The restaurants within a "banned area" are upset because the restaurants outside of the "banned areas" are making more MONEY because they ALLOW smokers. So they are out to make sure that NOONE can allow smokers. It has nothing to do with your health or mine or anyone else's. It's about wallets.

Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:34 am
by logic1
look at it however you want to look at it - however you can justify it to yourself. Bottom line is, smoking in ANY public place is just wrong! If you choose to see it as a money issue, that is up to you. Maybe that is a factor, but choosing to make it the ONLY issue is plain idiotic. That is illogical ;)

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Re: Blowing Smoke Not an Option

Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:27 pm
by Tomahawk Leader
A Letter to the Editor in the Feb. 27 Tomahawk Leader about the governor's proposed smoking ban and a subsequent story involving interviews of some local restaurants and bars:

To the Editor:

I strongly disagree with Aritha Erwin from the Big Moose Supper Club. This is not a “political issue;” it is a health issue!
There are many nice restaurants in and around Tomahawk that serve good food. Why should we endanger our health and the health of children when we go out to dinner from second hand smoke?

This has been medically proven time and time again.
Those who are addicted to nicotine can always step outside to light up.

I do not think it will hurt anyone’s business if every restaurant has the same rules.

No other bad habit affects other people’s health like diet, not exercise, being overweight or drinking too much. It only bothers the ones who do it. It’s their body, their choice. Smoking is someone else’s choice to hurt my health.

Quoting the Savvy Senior column, “What You Should Know” (2-20-2007 Tomahawk Leader) about 25 percent of non-smokers who develop lung cancer get it from being exposed to second hand smoke. That’s only cancer not all the other lung and heart diseases.

Go … Gov. Jim Doyle!

Carm Bainbridge