Michigan, Florida delegates

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Michigan, Florida delegates

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:00 pm

Taken from Publisher Larry Tobin's Ups-and-Downs column in March 11, 2008, issue

Do any of you really think it would be “fair” for the Democratic Party to allow delegates from Michigan and Florida to be seated and vote at the convention after kicking them out for changing their primaries? First of all, those two states knew from the start what the result of their actions would be. Now they’re complaining that their citizens are being disenfranchised.

I say, bunk! It’s not really any different than if they had moved their general election from the first Tuesday in November to the second Saturday in September or something similar. Those votes wouldn’t count.

And, of course, Hillary wants their delegates to count because she’s the only one to campaign in either state and now she’s behind in the delegate total. And she, too, knew the rules and agreed with them when she thought she was going to easily win.

If I belonged to any party that pulled a stunt like changing the rules in mid-stream, I’d be joining another party the next day.

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