Chick Out the Fair: Open Exhibits for everyone

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Chick Out the Fair: Open Exhibits for everyone

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Jun 10, 2008 5:55 pm

An editorial in the June 10 Tomahawk Leader

When you think of exhibits at the Lincoln County Fair you may just think of 4-H and other youth entries. But the Open Divisions offer numerous other opportunities and anyone can head home with a blue ribbon.

“Chick Out Our Fair” is this year’s theme, and we suggest you take a gander.

Skimming through the Fair Exhibitor Handbooks that are now available at numerous area locations, we found multiple ways you or other family members might want to become involved, no matter your age or talent.

For example, there are classes for amateur and digital-enhance photography, including pictures of flower or sunset scenes, action photos, pets and historical landmarks.

Foods come to mind when you think of showing at a fair, and there are lots of categories: from carrot cakes to breads and muffins to Bundt cakes and peanut butter cookies. Canned fruit, pickles, jams and jellies, and dried foods are other options.

Scrapbooking a hobby? There are categories for wedding, baby, vacation, family, pet and other scrapbooks.

Same goes for rubber stamp projects, ceramics, tie-dyed articles and basketry. The Cultural Arts department also includes stained glass, latch hook, oil painting, watercolors, etchings, leather crafts, jewelry, needlecrafts and many others.

If you’re a gardener, entries also are sought for perennials, annuals, bulbs, bouquets, arrangements, potted plants and hanging plants.

You can even enter your maple syrup and honey.

Is sewing your talent? There are Open Division categories for everything from children’s garment to blazer; sleepwear to formalwear.

The fair is a great place to show off those knitting and crocheting projects, from booties to afghans. And, here’s another way to take pride in that homemade quilt.

Antiques are also show items, ranging from colored glass to hand tools; old dolls to vintage clothing.

Senior citizens, age 62 and older, even have their own division, with lots of choices and awards.

There are just a few days left to register an entry for the July 16-20 fair. In fact, pre-registrations must be postmarked or at the UW-Extension office, 1106 E. 8th Street, Merrill, no later than 4:30 p.m. June 15. Entry forms will not be faxed to people nor will they be acceptable if faxed.

Entry forms and Fair Exhibitor Handbooks are available at dozens of locations including: Tomahawk – Nelson’s County Market, Lemke’s IGA, Tomahawk Public Library, Tomahawk Annex, Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce, Ben Franklin, Tomahawk Senior Community Center, Park City Credit Union and River Valley Bank; Gleason – Lincoln Community Bank and Remington Oil Gas Station; and Merrill – Wal-Mart, T.B. Scott Library, Lincoln Community Bank, Champ’s Restaurant, Customer One Cooperative, Drew’s East, Jenny Towers, Merrill Senior Citizens Center, Park Place, Park City Credit Union, Dave’s County Market, Caylor’s Corners, M&I Bank, Merrill Federal Savings and Loan, Bell Tower, Green’s Flower Shop, Church Mutual, Merrill Chamber of Commerce, River Valley Bank, Pine Ridge Restaurant, LeRoy’s Barber Shop and the UW-Extension office.

For more information, visit the Lincoln County 4-H Fair website at Or contact the Lincoln County 4-H Fair at 536-5212 or UW-Extension office at 536-0304.
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