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Oneida County Board Members Takes Care of Themselves

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2009 8:55 am
by Hugodog
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Oneida County Board Members Cut County Personnel but takes care of themselves.

Supervisor Scott Holewinski made the motion that led to the zero percent increase. He proposed that personnel in all county departments be reduced through attrition. "I want to reduce services to get closer to a zero percent increase," he said.
Finance committee member Ted Cushing said a proposal called for halving the increase the supervisors had given themselves in 2007. "This is a way to send a signal to our employees that we are also stakeholders in this county," he said.

However, supervisor Gary Baier who represents Nokomis, who had advocated for cutting county staff earlier in the meeting, said that he thought the cuts to supervisors' per diem wages amounted to only "pennies."

"I have a long way to travel. I think there are other places we can cut," he said.