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Community Development Authority

Postby tooten » Thu Mar 29, 2012 10:22 pm

What is this Community Development Authority for anyway? "A CDA is an independent public body appointed by a mayor and common council that can be created by communities to carry out blight elimination, urban renewal programs or projects and housing developments." The whole thing smells of the Tomahawk Main Street group and a way for them to get money, for store front remodeling, at the residential taxpayers expense. Wasn't that where that camping at Bradley Park camping brainstorm came from, an idea generated by that same group that would supposedly draw more business into the downtown stores. Anyone remember the carpetbagger with all the grandiose plans for the old hospital. If I recall, he was a very vocal promoter and member of the Main Street group. Well the building is still sitting there deteriorating and is now owned by some corporation that has little or no value to its stock. We'll end up paying for the clean-up of that mess at some point. Make a little noise and the politicians will find a new and creative ways to blow our tax dollars. This CDA will allow the city fathers to push funds in what ever direction they want to without having to vote directly on expenditures and therefore remain accountable to the taxpayers. The city created a Tiff for the old hospital and if that CDA was in place we could all be paying for a bankrupt half finished remodel of the old hospital building instead of a future demolition project.

Speaking of blown tax dollars. Why does it take a "Committee of 75" to write an employee handbook for a small school system when were paying the superintendent and his supervisory staff in excess of $100,000 each per year, in salaries. Sounds like mob rule to me. If the mob rules, fire the supervisors and save the money were paying them.

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