Report: 10,667 Children Reported Priest Abuse

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Report: 10,667 Children Reported Priest Abuse

Postby JFlosum » Fri Feb 27, 2004 7:41 am

Report: 10,667 Children Reported Priest Abuse

Could this be a case of figures don’t lie but liars do figure?

This works out to about 204 cases per year. I wonder what the figures would be for doctors or lawyers or for store clerks for that matter?

Is this a “church” problem or a problem of society in general being focused on the church because of the “shock” value?

Is it really any worse for a child to be molested by a priest then it is by anyone else? I’m not sure I buy that “person of trust” issue. Seems to me the child is being fooled into trusting the non priest as much as the priest.

What ever level of horrible wrong doing that is put on a priest molesting a child should be put on all cases of this heinous crime.

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Re: Report: 10,667 Children Reported Priest Abuse

Postby cmoo » Fri Feb 27, 2004 10:29 am

Recipe for One Screwed Up Individual (or priest):

1) Forbid him from marrying.

2) Insist that he remain celibate.

3) Make sure he is a witness to every death in the congregation.

4) Provide plenty of alcohol.

5) Put him in charge of many little boys and girls.
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