One-fish limit

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One-fish limit

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:01 pm

The topic is bound to be a hot one, but Tomahawk Leader City Editor and Leader blogger Jed Buelow shares is feelings about the one-fish limit on area lakes due to increased spearing elsewhere on this Message Board under "Fishing With Jed." He also learned that hook and line fishing does not count toward the spearing total. Please add your comments as you see fit. Tomahawk Leader news item: In response to Chippewa tribal walleye spearing declarations, the state DNR established a one-walleye daily bag limit for anglers on 173 lakes in northern Wisconsin. Once the spring spearing season concludes, the DNR expects the number of lakes that are set at a one-bag limit will be significantly reduced as has been past practice. In the Tomahawk area, lakes Alice, Mohawksin, Nokomis and the Willow, Rainbow, Spirit and Jersey City flowages are among those with one-walleye bag limits

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Re: One-fish limit

Postby Bob Kope » Thu May 01, 2014 2:27 pm

If the DNR is suddenly so concerned with the walleye population in area lakes. Then tell me why do they prevent private associations using totally private funds from stocking walleyes in our area lakes. We were allowed at one time to supplement the walleye population. All the costs came from various associations, clubs and private parties. No cost to the DNR or state. The DNR's poor policies and experiments have failed us all We have many factors that are out of our control like a severe winter that we just experienced. Which will have an affect on many area lakes. We need to get back to programs that work and have a proven track record.

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