Kudos to Nokomis 1st Responders & others!

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Kudos to Nokomis 1st Responders & others!

Postby djw479 » Fri Jun 08, 2007 12:32 am

During the early evening hours of May 27th, my 81 year-young mother was planning some flowers on a small hill near Lake Nokomis Road. This was just after we had a lengthy discussion that she should not go near the hill and associated boulder garden(in the insurance industry it referred to as an "attractive nuisance"). Well, she lost her footing and ended up falling right at the edge of the road. Two wonderful neighbors who happened to be driving by helped her to her feet and dusted her off. She proceeded into our residence... walking over 100 feet...apparently unscathed.

Within 30 minutes her right knee (an artificial replacement) was swollen/immobile, turning black&blue, and extremely painful. Add some prior heart/stroke issues and I urgently placed a call to 911. In under three minutes the first of many Nokomis First Responders arrived at the door. Their response time was great!

I did not count how many responded, but I am sure there were six plus Responders who helped assess, stabilize and comfort her; and then seamlessly transferred her over to the soon-arriving EMTs from Tomahawk's hospital.

She ended up spending five days at Sacred Heart for complications resulting from this fall. She raved about the excellent care she received from the Responders, EMTs, and hospital staff (the staff was so caring I almost think she did not want to come home).

A few hours after the incident I assessed what had just transpired. It is a comfort that in a small hamlet like Nokomis so many people have taken the time to become involved in their community. Over the next few days I kept bumping into First Responders who were genuinely interested in her recovery. It really does make one proud to be part of Nokomis (and Tomahawk)!

THANK YOU TO ALL who developed/maintain this service, and especially to those of you who helped her on that fateful evening!!!

Dan White & mother Shirley White(Nyberg)

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