Businesses Can't Make It Without Local Support

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Businesses Can't Make It Without Local Support

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:38 pm

Some of us take them – local businesses – for granted.

We shouldn’t. Tomahawk retailers and service shops are jewels that make small communities, like ours, unique.
A strong community starts with us – consumers. When we use our paychecks to purchase items and services in Tomahawk, we’re not only benefiting the local economy, we’re also helping someone maintain a job, feed their own family with goods from the local grocery store, purchase school supplies from a local dime store and medicine from local pharmacies.

By dispensing our money here, we are ensuring that our own livelihoods are prosperous. If we went out of town for every special meal, what would happen to our local eateries? We wouldn’t have a choice of where to go because we wouldn’t have any to choose from.

As consumers our commitment to shopping locally doesn’t mean we can’t ever leave town. Sometimes it’s fun to head out to new territories and make a day of it. But, when we do that on a regular basis – to buy items such as laundry detergent, groceries, dog food, clothing, office supplies, etc. – we’re financially starving our neighbors, friends and relatives by not patronizing our local establishments where they are employed.

The Tomahawk Regional Chamber of Commerce started working with business owners a year ago by way of a business retention and expansion survey, and several follow-up meetings to help better understand the local consumer. The goal is to increase business traffic in town, to help keep Tomahawk thriving by offering shoppers unique items and top-notch service, a perk not found at large box stores located out of town.

The chamber’s efforts will continue with another meeting slated Thursday (Jan. 5) beginning at noon at Tomahawk Community Bank for anyone who is interested in preserving our local retailers and service shops.

We hope you’ll take notice of the growing problem of vacant storefronts (10 percent to be exact) and be more aware of your own shopping habits.
Help keep Tomahawk unique – shop locally.

(Editor’s Note: We appreciate any ideas you might have as well as reasons you like shopping in Tomahawk.)

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Re: Businesses Can't Make It Without Local Support

Postby aphephilia » Thu Jan 05, 2006 5:57 pm

Here's my idea......offer shoppers variety, selection, and reasonable prices. Outside of the two Dollar stores ( and perhaps Ben Franklin which is way too expensive), I dont think you can even purchase underwear in Tomahawk. If you have a family of say, just for example, 4 children who are all school age and they each need 10 notebooks for school and you can go out of town and purchase all 40 notebooks for 4 bucks OR buy them in Tomahawk and spend 10 bucks, where are you going to shop? If a person has to go out of town to buy something they need that can't be found in Tomahawk ( and those things are many) they are going to make thier trip worthwhile and buy everything while out of town and save a lot of money doing so (even with the cost of gas). You can't really blame the consumers. Most consumers in Tomahawk are young families raising children and needing to watch thier budget or senior citizens living on a fixed income. You have to do what you have to do in order to be able to make your next meal. If that means going out of town once or twice a month for major grocery shopping that's what you do. I don't live in Tomahawk anymore so it's probably not my business but just thought I would throw my opinion out there anyways.

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