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Making a difference

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Nov 27, 2007 3:37 pm

As seen in the Nov. 27, 2007 Tomahawk Leader:

Judging by the numbers from a recent health-screening day, Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation’s claim to be making a difference in Tomahawk’s health and wellness is very true – nearly 300 community members attended this year’s event.
On Saturday, Oct. 20, the local foundation sponsored free Community Health Screenings. This event, one of the foundation’s 2007 projects, provided preventive health services and information for area residents. Following are results from some of the screenings – and, as you review them, just stop to think about the differences that could be made:

•171 diabetes screens identified 21 individuals as pre-diabetic and 10 tested positive for the disease. Participants received recommendations for next steps from Ministry Diabetes Services.

•Of the 94 PSA prostate screens, nine were abnormal and three had no prior family history.

•224 cholesterol tests were collected of which 93 were abnormal (41 percent).

•227 kidney function tests were collected; 82 were abnormal (36 percent).

•Dermatologist Dr. Chila screened 54 individuals for skin cancer. Four suspected carcinoma, 24 pre-malignant keratosis and two other malignancies were identified.

•37 breast physical exams were conducted with one recommendation for follow-up.

•40 body composition analyses were completed with suggestions made by Ministry Rehabilitation Services to those that fell outside the healthy range.

•Of the 29 hearing tests conducted, six passed and 23 were referred for follow up.

•Colorectal kits distributed that day also have identified numerous individuals needing follow-up examinations.

“These results, along with the wonderful feedback we received from participants, tell us we are offering a much needed service to our community,” says Debbie Gessler, foundation vice chairperson. “Many shared that, if not for the foundation, they would not have been able to have these tests performed either due to no insurance, high deductibles or due to non-coverage by their insurance carrier.”

This annual event, sponsored by Sacred Heart Hospital Foundation, in cooperation with Sacred Heart Hospital, Ministry Medical Group and Ministry Health Care, is planned to be held on Saturday, Oct. 18 next year. For more information about the screenings or other foundation activities, contact Susan Cronick at 453-7770.

(Editor's Note: Also look for the link to Sacred Heart Hospital/Ministry Health on our Town Square Business Directory:

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