Heartsick for the Northwoods...

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Heartsick for the Northwoods...

Postby D.Henderson » Sat Nov 29, 2003 7:23 pm

Just wanted to send out a big howdy to anyone who might remember me. My father and mother bought some land on Deer Lake Rd. back in 1960 when I was about 2 mos. old. We spent almost every weekend up there until I was 14 yrs. when we moved there permanently. I remember great times at the "White Barn" with all the Lamers. I graduated in '78 and have many a friend still there. Miss you all. I was able to get back for a quick weekend over the start of hunting season. Much fun was had by all at the great "Kahn's Bar"! That place is an icon for Tomahawk! Thanks to Shelly Kahle for giving me a bed to lie my head while I was there. She is like a sister to me. For anyone who would like to chat with me please email me at goldenritlands@msn.com. I now am living in West Palm Beach, FL, with my family:2 children, 13 and 14 yrs old and my husband, Marc, who has ALS.
We will be moving in the next year or so to the DC area where his family lives so he can be close to them. ALS is a terrible disease. Please check it out on the MDA website.
Debbie Henderson-Ritland

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