Dog Park approved

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Dog Park approved

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Jul 25, 2007 12:05 pm

A Letter to the Editor in the July 24 Tomahawk Leader:

On July 17, the Parks and Recreation Committee approved construction of a dog park across the railroad tracks, just past the SARA Park parking lot, consisting of about six to eight acres. There is to be no cost to the city, except for normal trash container dumping. The city liability does not exclude a dog park facility, for instance the skate board park at Pride Park.
A dog park is a fenced area where responsible dog owners can take their dogs to run and socialize with other dogs and people off leash. There are precautionary rules to operate a safe and healthy dog park, and they will be posted. We hope to have this facility ready by the summer of 2008. It would be open about 50 weeks a year, during reasonable hours, and be closed during the week of Fire School and during the Fall Ride.

Many communities have dog parks around the country. Dog parks encourage tourism. Statistics for Tomahawk’s future indicate more seniors will be living in Tomahawk in the coming years, and many responsible retirees will own dogs. While it is true there are many acres of open land around Tomahawk, not all dogs will return from their run in the woods, and there is potential for injury by wolves, porcupines, ticks or getting lost.
Some chain link fencing bids have been obtained. Commercially erected fence bids ranged from $14,000-$34,000 for a four-foot-high chain link, with three 20-foot drive-through gates, and a pet entry and exit vestibule, linear footage 2,465. We … will continue to seek a better cost. There will be a few other expenses, such as signage, a poop bag station and a donation post.

Fund raising will now commence, headed by Dawn Brietzke and Jennifer Ingman, with Faye Dochnahl, Lee Hamlin, Cathie Soli, Helen Hoglund and Becky Gall. Dog park coin donation canisters, information posters and flyers will be made up, and we will ask your permission to put one in local businesses near the cash register. Contact Cathie Soli at 453-1123 or Helen Hoglund 453-3382 if we may put information in your store. Grants will be requested from local foundations. You can also donate personally by making a check to STAR (Support Tomahawk Area Resources), and mail to P.O. Box 402, Tomahawk, WI 54487, or deliver (them) to the chamber. Be sure to show your tax deductible donation is for the Dog Park, so that it is a restricted donation and goes to the Dog Park Account.

For future maintenance, we will ask for user donations, at the dog park entrance. For instance, some parks have a free will offering container. At Standing Rock Dog Park in Portage County, envelopes are provided with a suggested daily usage fee of $3, or an annual permit of $20 per dog, or a three-dog maximum amount per household … of $50 per year. Many organizational plans are still being worked out about Tomahawk's Dog Park, like its name. If you have a thought, e-mail me at

Woof Woof – thanks to all,
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Re: Dog Park approved

Postby logic1 » Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:13 am

I for one think this is a great concept but having it work is a different subject. I predict this park will be a dumping ground for unwanted wastes & I do not think it will be taken care of. Yes, you will have the handful of responsible pet owners but, you will have the ones that aren't also. Dogs socializing with other dogs?? How about aggression between the dogs?? It will happen - good luck. I own a dog too & taking him there will not happen.

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