Immensely enjoyed...

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Immensely enjoyed...

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Dec 14, 2005 10:23 pm

To the Editor:

Several weeks ago, Allan Bell ran a piece on the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque, Iowa.

The article stimulated our interest to investigate.

On Nov. 3, mom (age 92), Nancy and I drove to Platteville, spent the night and continued to Dubuque the next morning. We arrived in time for the opening at 10 a.m., spent the day and left at 4 p.m. for the return drive. The museum was everything Allan said and more.

For years, his "Birch Bark Nature Notes" has been immensely enjoyed. His positive attitude and zest for life are apparent in his writing and continue to inspire readers.

Many thanks to Allan and the Tomahawk Leader for the enjoyment his column brings.

Sincerely yours,

Harry and Nancy Gladwin

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