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Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Transfer school to owner

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Aug 07, 2007 2:24 pm

A letter in the Aug. 7 Tomahawk Leader:

Dear Editor,

Because Dr. Sally Sarnstrom and the MAPS School Board are intent on saving money, I would like to make a suggestion and present some facts publicly, so voters in the Merrill Area School District are aware options exist, while the school board continues to mull over the district’s declining school population.
The Midway School was conceived in 1961 and built by the towns of Birch, Merrill, Russell and Schley. Loans were taken out by those towns to pay for the school and the 40 acres and paid off by those towns. They also donated land to the town of Russell for a new access road to the school.

On June 30, 1962, according to State of Wisconsin law, the Midway School and property were turned over to the City of Merrill for management purposes. Then in 1982, again because of new state of Wisconsin legislation, the city of Merrill schools (all 11) were turned over to the new Merrill Area Public School District.

Since the Merrill Area Public School District did not pay for the Midway School and the 40 acres it sits on, I propose the MAPS School Board transfer the deed to Midway to the towns who built and paid for the school and want it back. This would allow the school board (since MAPS voters at the annual meeting said no property can be sold in the next 12 months) to save their current cost of mowing grass, snow removal, heating and other required maintenance for forever. (This process is typically referred to as “the return of property to the original owners.”)

Wolfgang Cahn

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