Worst coaching …

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Worst coaching …

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:46 pm

A letter in the April 10 Tomahawk Leader:
To the Editor:
I have always thought sports in schools were a good thing. It helped to keep kids focused, build self-esteem, good teamwork and helped to make good friends.

I have watched my kids and now my grandkids since they were small playing sports.

This year was the worst year I have ever seen such favoritism and poor sportsmanship from a coach.

I have seen these girls go to practice every day and work their hearts out. Then when it comes to game time, the same girls are starters and the same ones are on the bench. I’ve seen some girls play for maybe one or two minutes of a game or not at all.

If parents complain, then it gets worse for the girls. And if you get sick and have a doctor’s excuse and he tells you to use your best judgment at practice, you still are benched. You still go to practice every day and the games, but never play.

Then after you are well, you still don’t play, even at the last game because you are told (at the game while suiting up) that you need a release from the doctor saying you can play.

Why wasn’t she told ahead of time?

I can understand wanting to win, but come-on, when each game is lost by at least 20 points or more, why not give these girls a chance?

Everyone should have equal playing time. How can you improve if you never play?

Why bring varsity players in to play in JV games when you have JV players on the bench?

If these girls didn’t want to play, why would you go to practice every day?

Just to sit on the bench! I don’t think so!
The only thing this coach did for these girls this year was to drop their self-esteem from 100 to 0 in one short basketball season.

She also helped them to decide not to play next year.

Nice job, coach. Great sportsmanship! Great coaching!

Disgruntled Grandmother,
Pat Thomas

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Re: Worst coaching …

Postby Deb Richardson » Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:51 pm

This is an age old issue. My feelings are that life is not about equal playing time. Character is built and life lessons are learned far more by sitting on the bench. I truly believe that the kids that put the most into their sport are those that get the playing time. It's not just about being at all the practice times. It's about after hours and desire. Granded these kids aren't paid, but like I said life is not about equal playing time. Attitude of adult family members plays through to the kids, creating the same type of attitude, which often times is quite apparent to coaches. These are the kids that usually end up on the bench. As parents and grandparents we don't really know what happens during practice. All we can do is be positive and upbeat with our student athletes.

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