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NWIMSU assistance ...

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Nov 07, 2005 7:07 pm

Dear Editor:

NWIMSU, Northern Wisconsin Military Support Unit, extends appreciation to Park City Credit Union of Merrill, and Mike Giesler, Randy Clay and Linda Osness for assistance with our recent information session for military families. …

… NWIMSU, Northern Wisconsin Military Support Unit was organized to support the families of any active military person in any branch of service in the United States Armed Forces in the Merrill and Antigo area. NWIMSU was not formed to be part of the State Family Unit, or its programs, already established through the National Guard. NWIMSU was formed to provide additional support and assistance to our troops and their families. …

One area includes setting up a network of volunteers to provide assistance to our families in areas of need, such as: minor household repairs, babysitting, income tax information and assistance, yard work, snow shoveling, help with communications/computers, local transportation, etc. We’ve enlisted help from area churches in compiling a list of volunteers. The church response has been tremendous, as has the response from other local volunteers. The names and phone numbers of the families and volunteers will not be distributed. They will be coordinated through a volunteer committee member in order to maintain confidentiality.

The NWIMSU also is working on “Operation Mail Call” (not to be confused with “Operation Shoe Box”). We are collecting various items to send individual packages to local active military persons. If our response exceeds the need, the overflow will be sent to “Any Soldier.” The address(s) will be confidential and will not be used for anything other than shipping packages. Park City Credit Union is the “drop off” site for items. The contact person is Linda Osness. A list of needed items will be available at Park City Credit Union. The packaging and shipping of packages will be done at the VFW Hall in Merrill at a later date.

NWIMSU also is planning to hold special events for the families … as a way of showing our support.

NWIMSU would like to thank Ed Nyberg of Tomahawk, who has been invaluable in advising us. Ed was involved with the NWIMSU group for the Tomahawk and Rhinelander area, which worked with the Tomahawk and Rhinelander Armories. He shared the information of their NWIMSU group with us to help us establish our group for the Merrill and Antigo area.

In addition, we thank the members of the AMVETS (American Veterans), VFW, American Legion and DAV (Disabled American Veterans) for support and those members who have volunteered to serve on various committees of the NWIMSU.

NWIMSU for the Merrill and Antigo area will hold further information sessions in Merrill and Antigo. Please watch for notices on these events. If you would like more information or wish to help, contact Harry Schweigert LTC (ret.) AUS at 536-9096. We also encourage the families of the troops recently called up, as well as the families of any active military person currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, to contact us so we may be of assistance.

Sue Smith
NWIMSU Co-chair

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