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Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Mar 18, 2008 6:35 pm

To the Editor: (In the March 18, 2008, edition)

Merrill School District:

The motto of our school administration and board is “To Meet the Needs of Every Child.” Can this be done by cutting 12-14 teachers and four administrators? Who is trying to meet the needs of each child – our teachers or our administrators? These teachers work with the children “all” day and our administrators? Offices-break rooms and never even see the children. Our administrators who are they and what is their job and salary? Do you think one of these cuts might be the co-administrator? Why do we need two superintendents when our enrollments are extremely lower than when we had only one superintendent when enrollments were much higher? Also one high school principal (three now) and one junior high principal. Imagine – so many fewer administrators and our districts had a top rating.

Believe me voters, there will be a royal threat of dropping educational classes and activities. Why? To scare parents enough to pass their next referendum. We need basic classes in our curriculum to prepare our children for the outside world and a job. We need board members who won’t be afraid of being harassed and ridiculed by the superintendent if they don’t support all of her ideas. If we don’t, we’ll soon be on the bottom of the educational graph.

Why is our food pantry having such a hard time keeping supplies in store for our district? Why are there so many homes for sale in our district? What is the average income of our blue-collar workers? It would be interesting to see some of you $75,000-$100,000 a year administrators live on what the biggest percent of our district’s population live on. Where are these same people supposed to come up with more tax dollars for your referendum?

What can we do about it? You know what … go right to the top! Combine some of their jobs. After all, teachers are expected to do that and still diligently “Meet the Needs of Each Child.” Without a doubt there are many ways “you” can cut the budget and Ms. Sarnstrom, you know it.

I would think closing Pine River instead of Midway would have been one big step. Close to town, less busing expense, less gas and shorter bus rides for students. You have a long way to go Ms. Sarnstrom and the board. Will you ever get back the trust of the people? Listen-Listen-Listen.

Maria Rankin

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