Uncalled for accusation

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Uncalled for accusation

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Mar 25, 2008 4:42 pm

A letter in the March 25 Tomahawk Leader:

Dear Editor,

This letter is addressed to a man named Terry, who works at Harley-Davidson, who treated both myself and my son rudely and with profanity at (a local fitness center) on March 16. The only reason I know his name is because I asked him.

My son saw a newspaper and read the comics while he was taking a short break in his workout. We were on the machines right before the refreshment machine when this man rudely came over and accused my son, “Did you take my red ipod?” The man didn’t ask him if he saw it, just accused him of taking it. This caught us both by surprise. My son said no, he didn’t even see an ipod. The man said he didn’t believe him. We showed him my son’s bag and coat, no ipod. I told the man if my son wanted an ipod I would buy him one. Even after we showed him my son’s bag, he didn’t believe that we didn’t have it. I told him that I would be speaking with the manager. He called her; I do not know the outcome of that call as we cut our workout short. He even wrote down our license plate number. Perhaps this man should view the surveillance tape and he will see that my son did not take his ipod.

I have never been treated so rudely or with such profanity by anyone. I told the man that I hoped he would come back and apologize to my son when he finds his ipod. He told me he would not. We’re sorry that he lost his ipod but we do not have it. I hope he finds it and that he will do the right thing and apologize to my son. The only thing my son is guilty of is looking at someone else’s newspaper. If Terry wants, we will pay him for his newspaper.
The manager has contacted us since this occurred and informed me that Terry was going to call and apologize to my son because her surveillance tapes showed us to be in the clear. As of this writing (March 20), an apology has not come forth. If anyone who knows my son, they will know that he did not take the ipod. My son is very involved in school activities such as drama, NHS, teen court, etc. He is in the top 10 in his class. My son also has a part-time (job) and is respected and well-liked not only by his peers but by many adults. Additionally, if I were not able to purchase an ipod for my son, he would purchase his own.

This was my first visit to (the fitness center) and it left a very bitter taste in my mouth. At this point, I am not sure that I even want to utilize their facilities at no fault of the manager. ... I do know that if I choose to return and arrive and see this man, I will not enter the premises and have advised my son to do the same.

Juanita Fehrman
Town of Nokomis

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