Remember the other 98.7%

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Remember the other 98.7%

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Apr 16, 2008 12:18 pm

A letter in the April 15 Tomahawk Leader:

To the Editor:

The Tomahawk School District received a blow last month when eight students were found to have illegal substances on school grounds. These items were found by a random drug search conducted by the Tomahawk Police Department on March 12. Seven of these students were from the high school.

As a member of the student body I am downright embarrassed by the actions of my fellow students. But, I have a statistic that may ease the community’s minds as it has eased mine. There are 536 total students in the high school, and seven were caught. This means that 98.7 percent of the students were not in possession of anything illegal.

I believe the overall opinion of the school was tainted by these few rebellious teens. I don’t think this should be the case. I’m not saying what happened was good. By all means the participants in these actions should be punished. What I’m trying to say is that the majority of the student body knows better. We know the searches are going to happen at least once a year. Some students just neglect the fact that there is a chance they will get caught.
The school district has a plethora of outstanding teachers, students and administrators who care dearly about the school. I just hope you can see past the 1.3 percent and see the potential of the 98.7 percent of the rest of us. Please don’t let your opinion of our high school be swayed by seven individuals.

Submitted by Jacob Jarvensivu
With signed support from Taylor DuPlayee, Cortney Hosey, Hannah Turgeon, Chris George, Colleen Krick, Lindsay Terkelson, Maxine Gustafson, Brook Daigle, Clay Borchardt, Joe Lilek, Kiara Hooper, Jordan Leggett, Adam Irmischer, Zach Zehner, Cal Wahl, James Kinnally, Ethan Garrou, Shawnee Harkness, Kayla Crass, Kristy Horzewski, Sara Maday, Nikole Greil, Nate Maday, Katie Hanson, Michael LaFevre, Valerie Thomzik, Lizzy Hilgendorf, Anthony J. Davidson, Cassidy Mickelson, Jamie Bayer, Kelsey Hilgendorf and others

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Re: Remember the other 98.7%

Postby Michael Richardson » Wed Apr 16, 2008 10:38 pm

Kudos to these folks for having the moxy to call this out.

The fortunate thing for these folks, and the others in the community doing good, is that the Leader always does a great job of recognizing and making newsworthy the positive things folks in the community are doing.

There should be little need to plead with the community to not place all of "these kids today" in one boat, as there is more than enough documentation proving that the kids that have made some poor decisions are the exception rather than the rule.

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