Barack Obama - Our next President!

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Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Brian » Tue Oct 21, 2008 4:30 pm

Despite Larry Tobin's breathless endorsement of McCain/Palin (gee, never saw THAT coming), Barack Obama will, thankfully, become our next President for the following reasons. And Larry, if you are reading this, please understand that ANYONE who voted Bush/Cheney in the past has now lost all credibility when it comes to choosing the right people for the job.
1) Complex and serious issues such as we are facing today require a bright mind and serious decision-making skills. The smartest guy in the room is definitely Obama. Advantage Obama.
2) The same people that brought us Bush/Cheney now bring us McCain/Palin. Uh, yeah, and we know how well that Bush/Cheney thing has worked for our country don't we. Advantage Obama.
3) Fear, smear, and lies have worked very well for the Republicans in the past. This time, more Americans are on to their tricks and are refusing to fall for them again. The message of common sense, hope, and inspiration beats the McCain/Palin message of fear, smear, and lies. Advantage Obama.
4) Independents, Moderates and crossover Republicans are increasingly going for Obama and historically red states are turning blue. Advantage Obama
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Kerry Tobin
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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Kerry Tobin » Tue Oct 21, 2008 5:40 pm

Just a point on #3. Obama is out-spending McCain something like 3 to 1 on advertising (amazing how he said he wouldn't take big money and then turned down the public funds so he wouldn't have to stay within their limits) and many of the studies are showing that his ads often have just as high negative content as McCain's.

Also, in the couple years Obama has been in the senate he managed to climb to #2 on the most donations from Fannie May and Freddie Mac EVER.

I'll give you that Obama is smart, look at his record and he's smart enough to tell you what the majority of people want to hear and then he'll go vote how ever he feels like it later. See voting on Telcom Immunity, Iraq, etc.

*Brought to you by someone so disgusted with both candidates he hasn't decided if he's even going to bother with this election*

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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Catfish » Wed Oct 22, 2008 12:46 am

If Obama needs to re-distribute wealth and raise taxes to upturn this country, go ahead, do it. Obama isn't going to re-distribute my wealth though, I don't have any. He isn't going to raise my taxes either. I've been living on less than half of the poverty level for years. McCain's negativity on those two subjects falls on deaf ears over here.

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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby giddyup » Wed Oct 22, 2008 8:42 am

I'm voting for Barack Obama.

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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Nimble » Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:38 pm

giddyup wrote:I'm voting for Barack Obama.

Same Here. I got two more robo calls this evening from the Republican National Committee (RNC)/McCain/Palin campaign and both were extremely negative character attacks upon their opponent. I think that is about 7 calls so far this last month not counting those from the locals. Why don't the McCain people discuss the issues? Is this all they have, Hannity style Ad Hominem attacks.
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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby aphephilia » Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:48 am

Obama may be outspending McCain on advertising while the GOP is out spending $15000.00 on clothing, hair and makeup for Palin!

Deb Richardson
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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Deb Richardson » Thu Oct 23, 2008 7:05 pm

Does anyone know just how much extra the Republican Party is costing our respected municipalities by sending out absentee ballot requests? Lots would be my guess, people that would normally go to the polls are taking the easy way out and requesting absentee ballots. As you may or may not know a pencil has to be returned with each request, as does return postage! Additional time and expense for each clerk's office. Many of the absentee request forms have the incorrect municipality. Causing confussion for the voter and again additional expense and work for the clerk's office.
Regardless, whom ever gets the nod, this country is in a big heap of concern!
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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby kmartell » Fri Oct 24, 2008 12:08 am

Deb wrote "Regardless, whom ever gets the nod, this country is in a big heap of concern!".

That's the BEST thing that can be said of the situation we're in !!!

On a scale of 1 to 10...1 being the worst and 10 being the best...I feel that both candidates, and their vices, rate in the 1.01 to 1.03 range...and even that's a stretch.

Why do we have such lousy choices? Lately, in each major election, the choices seem to come from the bottom of the political (cess)pool.

Is this some kind of bad karma that is coming around to bite us in the behind because we live in such a great country and we've been living it up too much and now we have to pay the piper with less than great people leading it?

I don't have the answers but I'm really worried about the future of this country...and the world !!!

Now, after saying that, I think I'll go re-read my last 401K statement for a little comic relief :shock:
Ken Martell
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Re: Barack Obama - Our next President!

Postby Chrisconsin » Fri Oct 24, 2008 1:41 pm

>>>Kerry wrote: *Brought to you by someone so disgusted with both candidates he hasn't decided if he's even going to bother with this election*<<<

That mentality isn't going to solve anything.
Are you willing to sit quietly for the next 4 years and never complain or comment on the state of America? If so, then don't vote.

I hope you do vote, it is important no matter whom you choose. You just need to sit back, take a breath and consider both people at hand and go with your gut. Plus there are senate, congress and other elections to consider besides presidential.

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