Positive power downtown

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Positive power downtown

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:24 pm

A Tomahawk Leader editorial in the Feb. 24, 2009 edition:

Despite the economic downturn that is impacting all across America and Tomahawk, as well, there are some positive and exciting things going on in our community. Downtown businesses and property owners have gotten together in a way that we see as great for Tomahawk and that will be a definite boost for the area in the long term.

Having been selected to participate in the Wisconsin Main Street Program, which is directly modeled after the National Main Street Center, Tomahawk joins 36 other Wisconsin communities and over 1,200 communities nationwide in this effort. The project is aimed at preserving the city’s architectural assets and restoring some that may have been lost or diminished over the years in ways that will help return and maintain economic vitality to downtown.

While there may be economic incentives to boost participation at some point along the way, the program is not a cash cow offered by the government. Instead it allows participating Tomahawk businesses and property owners downtown to draw on expertise and experiences garnered from communities across the nation. We can draw on the successes of others and adapt to fit our own needs. Having that capability at hand, through the state’s Main Street offices, is invaluable.

Like any program of this kind, however, it will only be as successful as the effort put into it by the individuals involved. Downtown businesses must continue their commitment and participate in the developments as they progress. We know that independent business owners are just that – independent. We all want to do things our own way or we’d be working for someone else. Trying to get this many independent business and property owners together can be like … well … herding cats. But so far the Tomahawk downtown community has seen the need and is progressing mightily.

We see a lot of great things in the city’s future if this cooperation and effort continues. We urge everyone to continue their participation and support. The Tomahawk Leader will certainly do everything we possibly can to help make it a success.

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