4th of July parade

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Re: 4th of July parade

Postby Concerned 2 » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:20 am

I am a parent of an alumni to THS who forced them self to stay in band until graduation to finish it completely even though completely miserable and lost complete interest in music and instrument after all the antics continued. With a band instructor who thinks students can learn to march in 2-4 practices he is absolutely off his gourd. He is not giving the band students the experience needed for later in life, IE marching band in college just because he did not like the marching part so he is not giving his students the chance to experience it as they should. Why does the band not compete in area competitions like many of the area bands do much less attend other city parades. Oh yea I forgot he does not like marching to lets deprive the students of the fun of the marching part of band. Also using the excuse of the band is too small is full of bull, I have myself been in a smaller band and did half time shows at all our home games including making letters that walked across the field not just make something and stand like a statue on the field, that is not an halftime show but just a band playing music during halftime. I also did not appreciate the many times of hearing of the throwing of batons, chalkboard erasers, etc at students. That is enough for the school board to take note and do something but they don't want to change things either, it would be a sin to change what works for them. Well I guess something will be done when something happens to a student or the school has a year that there are very few students after their freshman year of HS in the band and it is dissolved because of lack of participation.

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Re: 4th of July parade

Postby deebug » Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:52 am

I feel that our discussions on this subject were not in vain. Will see next 4th of July. Somewhere along the line the director has gotten the message. We are proud of Tomahawk a city that is working together to get through all this bridge construction. Hopefully we can be proud of our band next year. I have been criticized by one on this post for my sending some of these posts to the band director without asking permission of the author. My feeling is dont post anything in writing anywhere that you would not say in a public square. Anyone can access what we say here. If you dont want anything repeated then stay off the discussion board.

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Re: 4th of July parade

Postby mickey129 » Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:11 pm

Anyone can access what we say here. If you dont want anything repeated then stay off the discussion board.

Well said.

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