Deer Baiting.

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Deer Baiting.

Postby Tom B » Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:58 am

I was wondering why so many of the hunters in the area feel they have no other choice but to bait deer. Its gotten to the point now where you cannot walk in any woods with out finding a bait pile and in most cases Illegal bait piles. Why has it come to this. And I don't want to hear that its the only way to get one either. Thats simple not true. You can always tell when your nearing a bait pile from the amount of sign you all of a sudden incounter that leads right to the pile.

To the guy on Fox Farm Rd near Spring Creek I've seen all the corn in your garage I seen you pouring bag after bag of corn over near the pipe line on public land with your 4 wheeler do you really think thats legal. 100 pound of corn is a little more then 2 legal gallons of legal bait. I am going to report you cause I'm sick of your blantant illegal baiting. You have created your own little utopia up there that is almost land locked. You will not let people enter the woods from your end even though it is DNR land whice is public so hunters have to enter from Rollie Rd and not many cross the creek and see your illegal piles up behind your house on the ridge, well we have for the past 8 years. I have also seen as many as 10 deer at a time file out after eating and then file back when they hear your 4 wheeler Do you really consider that hunting. Many years ago I talked with a warden in Tomahawk and this is what he told me. Bait piles the first deer in are always nub bucks then doe's then larger bucks much later. What gets shot first the first deer in Nub bucks. Wonder why bucks are becoming harder to find not to mention smaller. I know why cause they are not allowed to grow. You have taken the wild from them and made them dependent on your piles of corn. I for one have seen enough. Its time to make all baiting Illegal in this state. Some day CWD is going to get here and then what have you done.

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