Former IH employee

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Robert V. Davis
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Tie to Tomahawk: Former IH employee

Former IH employee

Postby Robert V. Davis » Tue Oct 26, 2010 4:24 pm

I am a former Employee of IH. As supervisor of crawler tractor sales development, spent many days at Drott Proving ground in Tomahawk when Ed Sr. was developing the 4-in-one bucket. Many hours with John and Jane Drott. Many sales meetings, hospitality rooms (Drott cannibal sandwiches) in promoting the Drott skid shovel. Shared podium with Ed drott Sr. when he died at a IH/Drott sales presentation. Fond memories brought to mind when I recently uncovered a brightly painted tomahawk hatchet presented to me by Drott over 50 years ago. Would love to hear from any of the living Drott family members.

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