Deer Trail Lodge or Red Arrow Lodge

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Re: Deer Trail Lodge or Red Arrow Lodge

Postby Stenitschke » Sun Feb 23, 2014 6:14 pm

My grandpa bought the entire resort and all of the land when I was a young boy. He built 2 cabins right on lake Alice where the main resort used to stand, an old truck still sits in the woods behind the cabin, and also one old cabin is still left standing. I've been in it a few times, old bike and guitar and beds. Very eerie, I am very interested in the history, and would like to no more about it, I heard some celebrities and gangsters used to stay there once in a while

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Re: Deer Trail Lodge or Red Arrow Lodge

Postby GIGIKAHN » Tue Feb 10, 2015 1:00 pm

To All Readers,
My Grandfather, Albert Kahn, built the Red Arrow Lodge and cabins, calling it Al Kahn's Resort. During WWII, he had to sell the resort because he had no one to help him run it. Duane Krowell (sp?) purchased it and renamed it the Red Arrow Lodge.
The KAHN family will be highlighted this summer at the local museum on Washington Avenue, a log cabin that Al Kahn and another local businessman built together.
If anyone can help me with photos, facts, and other memorabilia, I would be ever grateful! Please call me at 715-453-5396 or or email me at Thanks in advance for any help.

Gigi Kahn-Bowles

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Red Arrow Lodge

Postby stvandrsn » Fri Apr 10, 2015 4:37 pm

My family vacationed almost every year from when I was 5 or 6 until I was 15. That would have been 1958-1968, I think. My father was a excellent fisherman and Mr Krull would let him go over to his property and private lake across Cty A and just a short distance down the road. If my dad fished Lake Alice he always took his casting rod and went for Northern's and Muskie in golf course bay. We played golf at the golf course on A. My parents saved religiously to pay for this yearly vacation, since meals were provided. My mom still gets Christmas cards from people they met there 40-50 yrs ago. The Krulls, since they were from Calf had connections to Hollywood so the movies on Tuesday and Thursday were features like Hitari and The Greatest Show on Earth. The Handyman/Bartender man Clarence, can't remember his last name, was a good friend. Monday night was game night so people could meet, I think it was bunko, and one or two nights I think was dancing, square and ballroom.

I Googled Duane Krull he lived to be 97. Ruth Krull died when she was 84. If you Google Duane Krull Calf there is a pic of their gravestone. I did not find Deanna Krull as I don't remember her husbands name. I remember the big Cadillac they drove and he obsessed over his speedboats. He would pick up guests flying in to Rhinelander airport.

In 1971, I worked there for the summer. A lot different working there than being there as a guest. Each week we would see the people come on Sat or Sunday and were tired and grumpy. On Monday they were in a good mood, a little rested and finally realized they were on vacation. One week we have what they found out to be ladies of the evening. The workers we had a blast and we had some interesting times. We were fed poorly and cheaply but never went hungry. I cleaned and gutted a lot of bluegills and sunfish :x

There is a post about a switchboard, yes there was one in their apartment which was off the lodge dining room. Mrs. Krull manned that thing night and day. She hardly ever left the switchboard. She had a giant planner sheet next to her for scheduling cabins and guests. People even called around midnight sometimes. They answered!

If they took down the lodge, someone had to save the bar. The lodge should have been a landmark in that area.

Lets see I got the mumps there one year and I think I got one kind of measles also one week.


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Re: Deer Trail Lodge or Red Arrow Lodge

Postby Buzz » Wed Feb 13, 2019 2:17 pm

Seems like several people have fond memories of Mr. Duane L. Krull and the Red Arrow Lodge -
a nice resort that I'm sure many, many customers enjoyed over the years.

Regarding the 600-700 acre Moodig farm he procured by other than a straightforward RE
transaction - rumor was that he wanted to transform the farm and 3 lake area in the back
woods into a "gentlemen's" ranch or farm - or was it simply because he had advance
knowledge that the new portion of Highway 51 would cut through the farm and make it
worth far more than he paid (do your research and you will find out what I mean)!
BTW, that silo and RR car near the shores of Smith Lake, were established by the Moodig
Bros., not Mr Krull. Does the name - Alice Johnson, August 1964, Taycheedah ring a bell !

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