Political endorsements: Sommer

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Political endorsements: Sommer

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:57 pm

The following are letters of endorsement that have been published in recent weeks in the Tomahawk Leader:

Susan Sommer for Senate; best twenty-five dollar letter

Since The Leader now charges twenty-five dollars for any letter to the editor that endorses a candidate for public office, I thought I’d better make this one short and sweet – although when I was a kid sixty years ago, my mother made sure she got me the biggest shoes (men’s size 12 or bigger) because she figured it was practical to get as much leather for the dollar as possible. By that kind of logic, I ought to make this letter as long as a highway billboard in order to get my money’s worth.
However, what I’ve got to say is simple: Susan Sommer for Senate. Why? Because she has depth, integrity, and soul. She’s not a party clone.

So, it’s Susan Sommer for Senate. Or, if that’s got too many letters it in, try this on for size: SUSN SOMER 4 SENIT.
If this puny letter helps Susan get elected, it’ll be the best twenty-five dollar letter I’ve ever written. Perhaps we should take up a collection for the poverty-stricken Leader. We could call our effort “Citizens United in Behalf of Free Speech.”

Paul Gilk
The Loghouse


Fortunate to have candidate like Susan Sommer on ballot

Re: Senate Candidate Susan Sommer

If you have not had a chance to meet Susan Sommer, you are missing something! Susan is the Democratic candidate for the Wisconsin State 12th Senate District. Susan and her husband live in Phelps, and she is campaigning in the 12th district with the intensity that befits her mission to bring back home the values of the Northwoods area. Including: Number One - protection of the environment. This administration is trying push through a mining bill to accommodate speculators, rather than follow the Wisconsin law already in place that was thoughtfully constructed to protect the land and groundwater. Number Two - education. This administration, which includes the representative opposing Susan on the ballot, has taken funds (lots of funds!) from our schools here in the north to give to the Milwaukee charter schools. Susan knows the law (a graduate of Marquette Law School and a former prosecuting attorney) and has the integrity and vision to bring lawmaking in Madison to a just conclusion. An example of her dedication and service is her time spent recently in the AmeriCorps project (domestic Peace Corps) building homes with Habitat for Humanity in the southern States, Cheyenne Indian Reservation and Northern Ireland. The 12th District is fortunate to have this remarkable woman ready to represent us in Madison. Please don’t let her down on November 6th. Check out more about Susan on her website susansommersenate.com. Thank you.

Judy Weaver (Mrs. Robert)

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