Political endorsements: Romney; vs. Obama

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Political endorsements: Romney; vs. Obama

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:27 pm

Satisfied with President Obama’s policies? Or less government control, the constitution

I want you to understand when you read this letter that you know no matter how the election goes it will have no impact on my life but it may on yours. If you are satisfied with President Obama’s policy, namely:

•controlling freedom of speech and religion

•never passing a budget and thus a $5 trillion deficit

•rising prices of fuel, utilities, groceries, medication and every day living

•that the constitution is an outdated document

•abortion and contraception is ok and to be paid by tax payers, as mandated in Obamacare

•making apologies for America

•control of the jobs in the private sector with regulations and fines, as mandated in Obamacare

•welfare over workfare

•allegiance to the Muslim flag first and then the American flag second

•cover ups of the recent attacks on the Libyan embassy

President Obama was informed of the danger that was building in Libya and was asked for more support but chose to ignore it since he was too busy campaigning for re-election. As a result, Mr. Stevens, the ambassador to Libya, and three civilians were murdered. In 48 hours after the attack, the intelligence sources informed the White House that it was a terrorist attack but President Obama refused to acknowledge that information and he blamed You Tube for the disaster and then he blames the Secretary of State and gave misleading information to the ambassador to the United Nations which he shared with the world. President Obama refuses to call the attack a terrorist attack so as not to offend the Muslims. Plus, the day after the attack President Obama chose to continue his campaign in Las Vegas. Congress is going to start an investigation why these things happened regarding the Libyan affair.

If you are satisfied with these facts, then President Obama is your leader.

Governor Romney’s policies are totally different from President Obama’s. He believes in free market place to create jobs, less government control and adhering to the constitution when making decisions. It does matter to me but these are your choices.

Nora Zientkowski
Tomahawk, WI
Orland Park, IL


Your vote is important

On November 6th, a vote will be taken to determine who will occupy the White House for the next four years. It will be a defining moment.

In 2008 Barack Obama was elected on the promise of “hope and change”. The hope has changed to despair and change has been for the worse.

Recently, Obama said he should receive a grade of “incomplete” for his presidency thus far. There is another incomplete he should have – his credentials for the presidency. If the American public knew what was in the records Obama paid 2.8 million dollars to have sealed, he might not be president today.

Under Obama, the fiscal health of this country has been disasterous. The economy and unemployment figures verify this fact. Under the Affordable Care Act (OBAMACARE), Americans can expect over twenty new taxes to support it.

His foreign policy is one of appeasement. To him it is more important to leave Washington for a fund-raiser than to deal with the deaths of four Americans in Libya. He’d rather go on The View to talk to Whoopie Goldberg than to talk to Benjamin Netanyahu (the Israeli Prime Minister).

With the help of George Soros, I believe he wants to change the Second Amendment to outlaw firearms.

His Cap and Trade policy will cause energy prices to increase over 30% and gasoline prices to increase over five dollars per gallon. He wants to decimate the military by severely reducing funding for the Defense Department.

On page 261 of Obama’s book titled Audacity of Hope, he says he stands with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that no other president has so boldly and arrogantly thwarted the will of the American people and ignored laws. President Obama has turned the White House into a house of lies filled with broken promises. Remember his promises when he ran in 2008?

If you look at his record and how he has hurt this country, it is obvious that he does not deserve a second term. Again, he will use his friends at ACORN (now called AHCON – Affordable Housing Center of America) to commit voter fraud as they did in the last election.

If you feel the presidency should be held by a person of honesty, integrity and truthfulness, Obama is not the answer.
I believe Obama is an avowed Socialist and he is taking this country in the direction of Socialism. That’s why he wants four more years to finish the job. Winston Churchill summed up Socialism in these words: Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”.

Will Americans allow this country to slide in Socialism where hope is dead, prosperity and entrepreneurship will be stymied and the American dream disappears? Or, will voters choose freedom, liberty and a new tomorrow where hope can be achieved, the economy thrives and dreams become a reality?

Ronald Lueneburg

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