Political endorsements: Czaja

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Political endorsements: Czaja

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:39 pm

Mary Czaja best fits our needs to be an effective legislator

The people of the 35th have a choice to make to be their new voice in Madison next year. I have met all of the candidates and I believe that Mary Czaja fits our needs to be an effective legislator. Mary believes that Madison should look to how families budget, and live within our means. We should look to limit new spending, and cut up the credit card so we don’t burden our children and grandchildren with mounting debt.

As a small business owner, Mary Czaja understands that only through new jobs, education, and smart effective reforms will we turn our economy around. We need a common sense voice of reason to fight for our values in the Capitol. Mary will fight for this entire district, not just a few special interests.

I knew Mary’s parents, Ed and June Behling, for a number of years. They raised Mary with many of the values that we in northern Wisconsin admire. Mary has shown those values: strong work ethic, community pride, common sense resolve, and the ability to reach out to find the common ground. Please join me by voting for Mary Czaja this Nov. 6.

Bob Koth
Paid for by Mary Czaja for Assembly


Czaja will work hard to improve economic climate in Wisconsin

Mary Czaja is running for the 35th Assembly District, which includes the townships of Birnamwood and Almon in northwest Shawano County. It includes the towns and villages of Birnamwood, Marathon, Aniwa, Eland and Bowler.

The global economic recession has made for tough times for families and businesses across Wisconsin. Mary Czaja is a successful small business owner from Tomahawk. She understands the issues and is stepping into the political arena for the right reasons. She has the leadership abilities as a job creator and successful businesswoman that we need in the Wisconsin State Assembly.

Mary Czaja has common sense conservative values. She supports Freedom, the Constitution, and a Free Market Economy. She will work hard to improve the economic climate in Wisconsin and expand opportunities for all of us.
Please join me in supporting Mary Czaja for the 35th Assembly District in the November 6th general election.

Gary Tauchen
State Representative 6th Assembly District
N3397 S. Broadway Road
Bonduel, WI 54107
Authorized and paid for by Mary Czaja for Assembly


Czaja understands community and what we need most

With the general election only a few weeks away, we voters have a decision to make. Mary Czaja will be my choice for state Assembly. As a lifelong educator, I understand what it takes to provide the best education possible for our children. Mary will fight for responsible education reform here in the Northwoods because she understands our unique community and what we need most.

A third generation resident of Tomahawk, Mary has been very active in our community. She took over her parent’s family business and she has served on numerous local boards, is an active member of the Tomahawk Chamber of Commerce, and was the founding board President for New Beginnings Day Care, currently Tomahawk Child Care.

Mary has raised her children here and now wants to give back to the community by making sure we have a bipartisan voice in Madison. I know she has what it takes to get our economy back on track and bring more good-paying jobs to our area.
Please join me on November 6th and vote for Mary Czaja for state Assembly.

Janiece Fischer
Authorized and paid for by Mary Czaja for Assembly


Mary Czaja type of individual we would want in Madison

I encourage all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote on November 6. Regardless of your party affiliation or your political views, it is imperative that each of us make the time to have our voices heard in this election.

I am supporting Mary Czaja for the 35th Assembly and ask that each of you give consideration to supporting Mary as well. I had the privilege of working with Mary when she served with the Chamber of Commerce and the Main Street Program during my career as a City of Tomahawk employee. Mary was one of the persons on these committees who could be counted on to work towards consensus and to seek solutions that benefited the community as a whole. In the turbulent political climate of our current time, I truly believe this to be an essential personality trait required for success.

Mary’s experience as a small business owner – hiring employees, establishing an operating budget, payroll duties – make her the type of individual we would want to represent us in Madison. Mary has always been there to assist this community with her time and efforts. Her willingness to do so again should be rewarded with her election to the State Assembly.

Don Johnson
Retired Chief of Police

Paid for by Mary Czaja for Assembly

They endorse Mary Czaja for Assembly,
Tom Tiffany for State Senate

Mary Czaja is running to represent us in the 35th state assembly district. We want to thank her for making the effort and taking the time to get on the agenda at our town board meeting to give us the opportunity to meet her.

One of the questions asked was what she thought a living wage should be. This is an unfair question as there are so many variables such as where one lives, marital status, children, cost of living etc. She mentioned a doctor may require more, not because it costs more for him to live but because he has expenses such as paying his staff, paying off loans for many years of expensive education, carrying malpractice insurance, etc.

We don’t feel she should be an expert in all fields, as she indicated she wasn’t when asked a question pertaining to mining. Mining may be beneficial to our district and we should not close our minds to such a possibility. Mining would bring many good “living wage” jobs to our district but should be considered only after our representative has done a comprehensive study asking the help of experts to determine the safety to our environment.

We endorse Mary Czaja to be our next representative in the 35th Assembly District.

We would also like to endorse Tom Tiffany to be the next senator for the 12th senate district of Wisconsin. Tom has been our town supervisor for the past four years and is our current assemblyman. He has done a superb job in both.

Town of Little Rice residents,
Vern and Iva Fernholz
Don and Nancy Ritter
Mary Eggebrecht

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