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Site Updates & Ideas

Postby Past Board » Tue Jul 31, 2001 8:49 pm

Webmaster posted 02-26-2001 03:46 PM CT (US)         <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Hello to all our visitors.<P>As some of you may have noticed we are working on a site update and adding more features. We do have more additions and changes in the works but are always looking for suggestions and ideas from our visitors. Many of the changes that we have made over the past few years have been additions that you have suggested. Some of the features we are working on adding are also new ideas that have been given to us since the last update.<P>Feel free to post any ideas you have, or anything strange you notice about the new updates here so that we can make the site even better.<P>Thanks,<P>The Webmaster <P><BR>herbyh posted 03-01-2001 06:06 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I like the current format, except that it breaks the continuity, when one post is answering another. It would be easier to follow if, when I want to respond to a particular point in a posting, my response would somehow be tied to that particular posting. The old format did this, and I kinda miss it. It's sometimes interesting to follow the development of a particular point, without having to sort through several responses to the original post.<P><BR>Brian posted 03-10-2001 03:10 PM CT (US)             <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I've seen the following format used elsewhere with good results. Each Paragraph heading is a folder with sub topics inside. Worth a try?<P>Community <BR>Community Miscellaneous<BR>Neighborhood Schools/Education<BR>Tomahawk History<P>Politics <BR>City Politics<BR>County Politics<BR>For the Mayor of Tomahawk<BR>National Politics<BR>Wisconsin Politics<P>Entertainment/Travel <BR>Area Attractions<BR>Entertainment/Travel Miscellaneous<BR>Food, Dining & Recipes<BR>Movies<BR>Things to Do<P>Family and Friends <BR>Family History<BR>Reunions<P>Hot Topics <BR>Community Poll Topics<BR>Miscellaneous Hot Topics<P>Leader Forum <BR>Announcements<BR>General Comments<BR>Introduce Yourself<BR>Leader Forum Miscellaneous<P>Miscellaneous <BR>For Parents Only<BR>Free For All<BR>Health & Medicine<BR>Humor<BR>Investing<BR>Religion/Faith<BR>Science & Technology<BR>Sports

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