Flotation Device required

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Flotation Device required

Postby <Tomahawk Fisherman> » Sat Jun 19, 2004 11:38 pm

As a long time fisherman in the Tomahawk area I would like to warn the rest of you to wear your flotation devices. I was fishing with my 11 year old son in our 12 foot aluminum boat When our friend and long time guide JULIO ( WALTER ) blew past us at top speed trying to make a few bucks guiding. Our boat started bouncing around like a bottle cap in a tidal wave. My son's eyes reflected the terror he could only feel as his white knuckles grabbed the sides of our boat. I try to teach him that courtesy to other fisherman is important. But I guess it goes to show when the almighty dollar is involved courtesy and safety doesn't matter. SLOW DOWN WALLY!!!!!!
Were trying to set an example for our future fisherman.
Tomahawk Fisherman

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