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Postby <Dawn> » Sun Jun 27, 2004 12:50 pm

The Tomahawk Wisconsin Pioneer Society is dedicated to perserving the history and family genealogy of the original pioneers that settled Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

The purpose of the Tomahawk Pioneer Society is to recognize families with Tomahawk roots, encourage people to undertake genealogical research, develope a database of information for researchers, bring the Internet to Tomahawk genealogy and to improve the quality of genealogical research in the area.

Its object is to perpetuate the history of the early settlers of Tomahawk, Wisconsin by collecting and preserving personal reminiscences and family genealogies and to renew acquaintances with fellow pioneers. The date of eligibility is fixed to the 1900 census.

There are many out there who do not have the famous Tomahawk names who were original pioneers. There are also many who still live there who have not put their genealogy down on paper. This Internet site hopefully will glean this information and with spreading the word, will get local people to write down their genealogy for generations that follow. I think it is important to catalog this information. That is my goal and to share it as a searchable database thru the Tomahawk Library.

Email for applications.

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