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Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Against donation

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:21 pm

A Letter to the Editor in the Dec. 4 Tomahawk Leader:

An open letter to the citizens of the Town of Nokomis:
On Wednesday, Dec. 5, the town of Nokomis will hold its annual budget (hearing). I sincerely hope that a great many of you attend and vote for the way you want the town to spend your money.

One very important issue that will be voted on is that LNCC is asking for a cash donation of $10,000 of your money. This is not the first time that they have asked for and received funds from the town, nor is it the second, but the third time. … These donations total $15,000 of your money. They want the money to help combat the milfoil problem that is arising in the Lake Nokomis flowage. While I am not against LNCC raising money for this project, I am against the town spending your money for this project.

Nokomis Township is the only township that has donated to this project. Bradley Township turned them down, and as far as I know, Little Rice has never been asked. I can believe that Bradley said no because they thought it to be unfair to tax all their citizens for what only a few enjoy. Or was it because this would place a further tax burden on their citizens? Which leads me to ask, why Nokomis? The answer is simple, unfortunately; most of those that belong to LNCC reside in Nokomis. But they are only about 8 percent of the total population of our town.
For whatever reason LNCC is not afraid to ask the people that live around the lake to increase their taxes. They have been trying to create an additional taxing district to raise monies for their coffers. I personally am against my taxes being increased. Isn’t it time we started saying no to higher taxes and started asking our representatives to lower our taxes. … While individually we don’t have much influence on what goes on in Madison, we do have a very strong say in our local government.
Ten thousand dollars is not a lot of money, but it does amount to a cash donation of $10 for all citizens of the town. If I want to donate to something should I not have choice? Keep in mind also; they are using this money to improve land owned by WVIC. All the land under the water is owned by them. Yet they won’t donate any money to help eradicate the milfoil problem. Why? …
I realize that LNCC does a lot of good, but I believe that asking for tax money is not what we should be doing. I have asked their membership, why not put a donation box at the landings and ask those that use the lake to help eradicate the milfoil? They don’t want to do that because then someone would have to collect the money on a regular basis.

This is an important meeting tomorrow night .... Keep in mind also that the town is going to ask you to raise the levy by more than 2 percent which I thought was state mandated. Taxes are going up!

Steve Cole
Town of Nokomis

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