The forgotten park …

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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The forgotten park …

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:55 pm

A letter in the Aug. 28 Tomahawk Leader:

To The Editor:

After complaining for several years and getting nowhere, I have decided to air my thoughts about a sign to let Bradley Park be known to the Tomahawk residents and tourists who do not know it exists. I know there is a sign made of fabric high on a lightpole that is way above eye level, which is of good quality, but is not noticeable. And the entrance to the park has a very small sign pointing to it. I would like to see a sign equal to the signs at Memorial Park, Pride Park, Washington Square, The Industrial Park, The Water Utility Park, and SARA Park. There is even a huge sign stating that SARA Park is three blocks west of its location.

I was told by a city employee that because it has no ballpark is the reason for it not being recognized. Every park in Tomahawk is unique in its own right and because Bradley Park was named after the founder of Tomahawk and perhaps the oldest of all the parks, I think it should be treated with the respect it deserves. The huge trees, the nice buildings, a place for cookouts and the view of the water, plus the walk out to the point gives one the tranquility to sit and enjoy its peaceful setting thus making it unique in its own right. It is so magnificent that I have known a few weddings to be held there.

A beautiful painted sign perhaps on the boulevard in the area of the Wilderness Pole would be an added attraction to Tomahawk. If memory serves me correctly, and I believe it was for the Kids’ Fishing Contest in the winter, I noticed a nicely painted sign out on the boulevard pointing to Bradley Park. I was elated that finally someone had erected a visible sign. And then it was gone … This was told to me that it was probably put up by the group sponsoring the fishing contest. If a sign comparable to the signs on the other parks was in place, this would not have been necessary.

Even if my plea for a comparable sign like the other parks have does not materialize and lands on deaf ears, at least its existence will be made known by those people who have not had the privilege of visiting this historic landmark and would like to see Bradley Park.

Diana Baacke

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