Congratulations Sally Sarnstrom

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Congratulations Sally Sarnstrom

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Feb 26, 2007 6:21 pm

A Letter to the Editor in the Feb. 27 newspaper:

To the Editor:

Congratulations Sally Sarnstrom on your $15,000+/- 15 percent raise. I wonder how many employees in the Merrill school area even managed to get a 3 percent raise. I also wonder how many families in the Merrill school area are trying to survive on not a lot more than your raise. You must feel very proud you are the only one with a 15 percent raise.

Congratulations all you editorialists. You’ve really done great in voicing your opinion which is exactly what citizens need to start doing. Can we keep letting these people on the upper end of our pay scales keep calling all the shots and think we are too naive to respond? Keep them coming.

Congratulations Mr. Bartling on the great editorials you have been writing. The information you are feeding out locals is just what we need and I sure hope you can divulge more. Your ideas for combining some of these administration jobs were excellent. You think they will do that? Do we really need a superintendent and assistant? Our schools ran forever with only one.

Congratulations to our two board members who supported our charter school. It’s great to know we have at least two who have minds of their own and aren’t the superintendents yes men.
Congratulations charter board members for the continued push. This is exactly what I would expect from that close knit Midway group. It’s a shame the board and superintendent are afraid to give your plan a chance. Are they afraid your more knowledgeable in meeting the “needs of every child” than they are?

Congratulations to Midway populace for supporting your charter school. They certainly are preparing a worthwhile program for your children and need all the support you can give them. I really wish I were younger because I would truly enjoy working in their program.

Marcia Rankin

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