Makes no sense …

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Makes no sense …

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:47 pm

A letter in the April 10 Tomahawk Leader:
To the Editor:
Congratulations Midway citizens! What a wonderful turnout for the March 21 board meeting. No doubt it was hoped that a 5 p.m. meeting would deter the working class from attending, but it didn’t seem to discourage that great group.

I did learn something at that meeting that I’ve wondered about. Why is an assistant superintendent needed? What a shock to realize our well paid superintendent can’t talk. I couldn’t believe a person in her position didn’t at least greet the people who are paying her wages. Wouldn’t this be just a common courtesy to at least say “Hello”? Shouldn’t answering these questions be the superintendent’s responsibility? Shouldn’t a superintendent earning $115,000 have to answer to the people paying her wages? This must be why we need an assistant superintendent, to do her dirty work and answer to the citizens so she can keep her good (?) image with the public. Her job description must be pretty lenient. Any public office, paid by us, certainly should be accountable to the taxpayers.

Something was brought to my attention today which I thought was a very good idea. Why can’t this alternate high school be held at the library where computers, equipment and resource material are readily available? I know they have a large room in the basement, which would accommodate the number of students they have mentioned. Just think of all the beneficial material that would be available. But nope, we need to find an alternative location so we can spend more of the taxpayers’ money. Church basements are another consideration. It was held at the Hillside church at one time.

Storage space? Rent, but we will probably have an auction down the road to get rid of it. Down the road? Why not now so you don’t have to spend more money, plus have to move it? This makes absolutely no sense. Too much equipment, but, did you know they just bought a hundred padded chairs at $50 each? And guess what? There’s really no place to put them. Remove what’s there and put it in storage? Where in the world is the common sense? It seems that it’s a thousand dollars here and five thousand there, which means nothing to the board and administrators. I still say this mailing report cards is ridiculous. A stamp, an envelope and a secretary to address them. … What does this cost? How many other minor (in the leader’s eyes) expenses have there been that we’re not aware of?

Thank again Sally S. for that wonderful presentation and the congeniality you showed all of us. Wake up! You don’t reach people with a sour face and sealed lips.

Marcia Rankin

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