Snowmobiling is too much fun

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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Snowmobiling is too much fun

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:08 pm

A letter in the Feb. 26 Tomahawk Leader

Dear Editor:
Snowmobiling is too much fun. The do-gooders have to do something to put the screws to that. They want to take away driver’s license points for drunken driving on a snowmobile. You’re driving on off-road machines, on a woods trail, so what has that got to do with driver’s license? You don’t have to have a driver’s license to drive a snowmobile in the first place. They take away points in Minnesota – so move to Minnesota, you’ll be safe from Wisconsin snowmobiliers. I thank God we snowmobiled for years when you never gave any thought to anything but having a good time. This was before the days of the do-gooders.

I see we even had … David Savini undercover reporter analyzing the inappropriate, repulsive drinking habits of Wisconsin snowmobilers. The death of snowmobilers are lumped together as driving while intoxicated, whether the person had one drink or 10 drinks. I think a lot of accidents, are not too much to drink, but today’s right out of the box, 100 mph machines that leave no margins of error for even the sober, experienced rider. Many resident riders and out of state riders buy a new muscle sled and are inexperienced and over ride their ability to safely control the sled.

Please no more laws, to take away what little joy we have left, like the one rider said, “If I get killed snowmobiling, tell the undertaker not to wipe the happy smile off my face.”

George Mondeik

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