What is a parent to do?

Letters to the Editor from the Tomahawk Leader.
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What is a parent to do?

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:37 pm

A letter in the April 22 issue:

To the Editor:

National Turn Off TV Week is April 21-27.

In this many decades old of television, when most people can’t imagine living without it day or night, what’s a parent to do? TV is a wonderful medium when used appropriately. When not, it can become a hindrance, a burden or even divisive in a family. We could go on forever, hailing its attributes or deriding its evils but really, what is a parent to do?

Many parents turn their backs on TV surveillance at the end of the day, too tired to care after a long day’s work. But that is the time when you should be at peak with your kids because they need you to be! All caring and thoughtful parents should take heed on National Turn Off TV Week by going to the web site: (http://www.kidshealth.org/parent/positi ... child.html) and learn so much more about the ill effects of TV on children and how serious it truly is to be on top of this subject.
And while we are examining the family, let each one of us take a good look at our own TV habits. Taking one week off from TV viewing will be a great vacation for some; a real opportunity to do something new! Rekindle old relationships, read that good book you haven’t been able to get at. If a week sounds too great a challenge, start with one day. The options are endless. Good luck and happy Turn Off TV Week.

Marlee Schreiber
Citizens for Decency
Lincoln County Inc.

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