Pets-in-Need food pantry

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Pets-in-Need food pantry

Postby Tomahawk Leader » Wed May 14, 2008 4:52 pm

A letter in the May 13 Tomahawk Leader:

Dear Letters-to-the-Editor,

I would like to thank the Tomahawk Leader and especially Abigail Bostwick for the very nice article on the new program, Pets-in-Need. This is a food pantry-type program to help those pet owners who truly cannot afford feed for their pets. And like all new programs, the process needs explanation and coverage. We are fortunate in that we have good, local media who are willing to help get the word out.

I do, however, need to clarify some aspects of the program. All monies collected go directly from the collection jars into a designated account at My Feed Store. The Salvation Army does not process or contribute any funds for this account. The Salvation Army does serve as a clearing house for those in need and simply issues the pet food coupons.

Acceptance of a coupon requires that the receiver fill out a Salvation Army application, but does not require the applicant to accept Salvation Army services. The intent of the program is to assist those responsible pet owners who truly are in need. It is intended for those who have to make a choice between food for their pets or food for themselves. The Salvation Army is a good first stop for this process because it then can evaluate the needs of the human applicant and provide assistance to them if possible.

Diana C. Smith

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