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    If someone is looking to open a business I have a suggestion. I tried today to buy some mailing labels and some other printer materials. Now that Ben Franklin is gone I ended up going to Shopko. They had nothing on the shelves for printer supplies so the project I was working on is shut down until I can get to Rhinelander or Merrill.

    I would suggest that if someone would open a computer supply store in the down town area ( instead of out in the boondocks like Shopko) I have no doubt that they would have a good business going. Main feature would be printer and computer supplies, (paper, forms, ink, etc.) Wouldn’t need a big building so some of the downtown buildings would work fine and be easily available to the public.



    I think OK printing offers some of these items. It’s also a very difficult business (even the big office supplies stores are struggling to compete with Amazon).


    Old Scout

    Given the choice, I would rather stop at a local store and pick up supplies when I need them rather than wait a week to have them delivered.

    I and I am sure a lot of other people don’t do a lot of on line shopping and would rather go to a store for our needs.


    Online w/ free shipping will save you 90%+ over a retail store especially for ink ,toner and cases of paper…e-Bay, Amazon, Office Depot, Staples…only business that survive and doing well these days are restaurants,bars, hair stylists and funeral homes.


    Old Scout

    Online w/ free shipping will save you 90%+ over a retail store especially for ink ,toner and cases of paper…e-Bay, Amazon, Office Depot, Staples…only business that survive and doing well these days are restaurants,bars, hair stylists and funeral homes.

    What world is that in ?
    90%, I think you are dreaming. I have ordered thing like that on line and never found anything like that. 🙄

    Of course if you don’t need these items for a week ordering on line might be fine but what happens when you need it today?


    Actually the real world…I run a high speed Brother printer (mfc-L5800DW) for example. Online I can find my (off brand compatible) toner for Between $10-12.00 each unit for 8,000 pages off e-Bay or Amazon, and cheaper if I buy 3 or more…cases of letter paper $28.00 a case if not less with a rebate, free shipping from Staples on sale, so order 2 to catch the free shipping. Delivery is about a week off e-Bay…If you have Amazon Prime, it’s next day. Staples or Office Depot, delivery is 2-3 days tops if not next day if live close to a store. Besides that, who wants to lug a heavy case of paper? Let them bring it to your door for free.
    In business, surely you know when your toner and paper is running low. Why pay $95.00 for an original name toner cartridge when with a little planner can save 90% and order it online? It just doesn’t make sense to go to brick and mortar for these supplies and pay retail, and it doesn’t make sense to buy the name brand, when the generic versions have the same guarantee and just as good.
    I have been in business over 12 years and the only way to go. People just do not think about Amazon or e-bay for these types of purchases. Invest in Prime…next day guaranteed no matter where you live, even in the great north woods. If not,and just order from Amazon like I do, it’s never over a week, regardless.


    Old Scout

    I have tried the off brand print cartridges from several suppliers and have enough of them fail or not perform that even at a cheaper price I question their quality. For use at home a case of paper would last me into my next life time. If I was in business it might make sense but for use at home large quantities hardly pay.

    Most people for home use pick up things when they need them and hardly have room to store large supplies. For doing small projects I prefer to pick up things I need at the time and know I have a source available.



    Amazon Prime is two day shipping, not next day (although I do occasionally get things the next day).


    I have been using the Non OEM compatible brands for over a decade, and I believe twice had an issue, and they sent a replacement out right away AND did not have to return, they just replaced it for free. For my business I go through about a case of paper every 1-2 months and a few legal reams every 2-3 months. I run a home business printing loan documents x 2 off two high speed printers. I have no idea of ink jet costs, but assume would be the same deal, I only use toner in my printers, and they get 8,000 copies out of one toner.
    Places like Costco and Sam’s club will refill them if you bring them in at a discount as well. Have you checked to see if Shopko or Walmart does refilling? That can save you money. People always have the option of going and buying the name brand retail (IF they carry it), if you are comfortable with that and in your budget. That cost alone would put me out of business, I have to buy online non OEM brands. If they do not have it in stock, they still order for you, and you still have to wait. May as well, do that yourself and save money.
    I have found that in this day and age, small places are just not able to make it, and to compete with online. Online has no overhead expenses, and is the way of the future, so may as well join it and embrace it.
    I know change is difficult, but the the consumer will always want the best deals, shop around, and online seems to be where it’s at. Unless you are a grocery store, or a service industry, maybe a hardware store…regular shopping malls and stores are really a thing of the past and closing shop fast.
    Many strip malls in my area are being bulldozed down, or re invented into a church, a school, or something else. The regular inside malls also have a hard time keeping their anchor stores alive, and have to find a way to bring in foot traffic.
    I just don’t see how an office supply store would ever succeed in Tomahawk for the average user. The product would go bad on the shelves before ever being sold, and the markup to keep it there would be very high.

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