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    Originally posted by anthrochick:
    I am in need of any information regarding Mary’s Diner and the life of Mary Edmunds. I am a novice writer and pre-service educator doing a research paper and would appreciate any stories, anecdotes, or biographical info about Mary.
    Thanks so much for your help.


    Being originally from “Hatchetville” we would visit Mary each summer that we vacationed around Tomahawk at different resorts. Mary’s Diner was on Highway 51 for the longest time and later further down the road at the old Hiawatha school, which we attended as kindergarteners. At Mary’s if you ordered a fish sandwich, you got the real thing; a locally caught panfish filet on a bun. Mary never had to write an order down, as she committed everything to memory. She was the waitress, cook and dishwasher; an efficient one woman show. Mary was jovial, witty, and never forgot our family. When we visited, we would all go in as a group and begin to sing what we deemed her theme song. “Everytime we come to Tomahawk we eat here; it’s the finest diner any time of the year. Dinner in the diner, nothing could be finer, than to eat your ham & eggs at Mary’s Diner. (Sung to the tune of Chatanoga Choo-choo) Mary would say “Oh you kids are embarassing me,” but secretly she loved it. Mary and her Diner are forever etched in our memories of growing up in and returning to visit our home town.


    Originally posted by anthrochick:
    Perhaps that is where my Mom thought it was. She too was in high school in the early 60’s. Thanks for the info.
    Feel free to post any other memories.

    ok i am not from that area live ed year around but in upstate new york by utica& syc..

    Ok if you want to find any history go to a old folks home & spend time with someone there they will tell you everything about anything & you will find happy.ness because you spent time with a lonely person hope it helped you & you will feel needed & so will they briten up there day



    Kathy’s Kolumn in the June 30, 2015, Tomahawk Leader led to the resurrection of this thread about Mary’s Diner after Kathy saw a link and message posted to You Tube by Josh Brunker, noting that it was the 15-year anniversary of Mary Edmunds’ death (June 18, 2000.) Perhaps others would like to remember their visits to the unique diner…. and/or Mary herself.

    In fact, a reader has since contacted us with stories about their friend. Verdella says they knew Mary so well her kids called her “Grandma Rudy.” Her husband Russell used to eat at the diner after working into the wee morning house, and he and another man helped finished building Mary’s house after her husband died. Verdella remembers taking Mary, who was diabetic, to the grocery store shopping. Once again the woman never wrote down a list, but sometimes she couldn’t remember what she needed and she was too proud to explain anything further, so would then go without. In a surprise, to her and us, she said, after Mary’s death they asked her son about the habit and learned that Mary – obviously a very bright woman – never learned to read or write so that’s why she never wrote anything down.


    Great little video found on youtube on Mary’s Diner. 😀


    Old Scout

    Mary – obviously a very bright woman – never learned to read or write so that’s why she never wrote anything down.

    Just watched the video and it made me wonder, if Mary couldn’t read or write, who made all the signs she had all over the place. 😕


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    Agen QQ Online 2021
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