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    Sad to read that a Tomahawk man died in a motorcycle crash on Labor day. Sadder still to read in the Tomahawk Leader is the following portion of the article: Reports were he was not wearing a helmet and speed and alcohol are believed to be contributing factors. See tomahawkleader.com for the full article…

    The three worst factors imaginable were in place while on that motorcycle: Not wearing a helmet, possibly drinking, and possibly speeding.

    With the upcoming Fall Ride starting tomorrow…for Holy Christ sake if you’re riding a motorcycle wear a darn helmet and slow down a little !!! If you’re drinking DON’T ride at all !!! It doesn’t take a fricking genius to figure that out…and if you don’t believe me check with the family of the guy who just died !!

    Ride safe this weekend and always !!!


    Old Scout


    you sure hit the nail right on the head. When I had my bike, the two things I never did was drink when riding and ride without my helmet.

    I know people use a lot of lame excuses for not wearing one but it is just common sense. You end up head first on the pavement it is all over and so is your head.

    I dumped mine once when I hit some sand and had the scars on my helmet to prove it. Better there than on my head.



    I`ve rode a motorcycle most of my adult life.
    You are both correct!
    If you want avoid a mishap on a motorcycle, there are three things to avoid.

    #1 – Ride without wearing a helmet and proper gear.

    #2 – Drink and ride

    #3- Ride at night

    Unfortunately , many big motorcycle rallies involve doing All Three ! ❓



    @kmartell wrote:

    It doesn’t take a fricking genius to figure that out…

    No, it doesn’t. Yet every year it happens. I guess sometimes Darwin wins.



    Not much chatter anymore about The Fall Ride.

    It used to be the topic of a lot of conversations.

    Any thoughts on the 2017 Fall Ride?

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